museum to scale


museum to scale

Museum to scale 1/7 is an initiative by Ronny Van de Velde which has been developed by the artist Wesley Meuris. In accordance with a firmly established postmodern tradition, the museum is at once subject and object of an intervention that operates as a mise en abîme ? that is, the representation of an object using the object itself as a frame of reference. Museum to scale features more than a hundred miniature exhibition rooms at a scale of 1:7 that are devoted to Belgian artists and Belgian artistic movements. After a homage to Marcel Duchamp and his Boîte-en-valise, the circuit takes off with Jean-Jacques Grandville?s illustrations to Gulliver?s travels, the famous novel by Jonathan Swift in which scale assumes an important role. Thematic and historical ensembles devoted to symbolism, surrealism, photography, the Cobra movement, abstract and minimal art lead to a section in which Belgian contemporary artists have each decorated a room in their own original way. Among the participating artists are Jan Fabre, Jan De Cock, Pierre Alechinsky, Koen Van Mechelen, Ann Veronica Janssens, Michel François, and also Angel Vergara, Johan Muyle, Luc Deleu, Luc Tuymans and many more. An interactive website will offer the visitor the chance to act as curator of his or her own virtual museum. In addition a catalogue is published.