Exhibition in which time is explored and its impact on nature and human beings. The exhibition is configured as a dialogue between the sculptures of Sofie Muller and the paintings of Gabriel De la Mora.

For its part, Sofie Muller (Ghent, 1974) presents pieces made with alabaster - wounded, cracked and scarred heads - that reflect the deterioration of the human body over time as a result of a life defined by struggle, manipulation, Personal experience and injuries. These pieces that are fragile, poetic and brutal at the same time are placed on the floor, lying gently on a worn pillow or suspended on the walls. The sculptures appeal to the study carried out by the artist on the manipulation of the human body and the concept of "manageable human"; In addition, Muller exposes a series of drawings made with blood on alabaster that appeal to the fragility of the human body through the use of natural and organic materials. The overall result is determined by the age of the material used.

Proyectos Monclova

Colima 55, Col. Roma Norte

Ciudad de México


Marble head