burned wood


Prestige was born as a side act during the open-studio days organized by artist organization Nucleo in Ghent, Belgium in 2012. We have taken the initiative to extend the Prestige project with the same group of artists and to expand it to artists not connected to Nucleo. Prestige is driven and coordinated by a core group of artists consisting of Ben Benaouisse, Ann Decaestecker, Maaike Leyn, Kristof Van Heeschvelde and Nicoline van Stapele. Prestige organizes exhibitions regularly, both in Belgium and abroad, the locations are always selected in function of a strong tie with history or previous occupants.
Artists are selected based on the nature of their work and the conviction that this would fit well with the exhibition space. Selection based on age, ranking, origin or sex don’t hold any interest for me. The power of the exhibition depends largely on the power and attitude of the individual artists. Do they develop their work inspired by their own internal drive or does the calculator in the back of their head take the upper hand. (Curator N.v.S.)