The exhibition Spiegel im Spiegel is organised by PAK, Dr. Guislain Museum and the Psychiatric Centre Sint Amandus.

The exhibition hosts work by 22 artists from home and abroad to face each other. With this exhibition, I will blur the boundaries between psychiatry and the ‘real world’ and between psyche and art. For this, the title of the exhibition, which was derived from a composition of Avro Pärt, in which piano and violin communicate, was applied.

The exhibition takes place in the Psychiatric Centre Saint Amand, Reigerlostraat 10 – Beernem.

contributing artists: Sam Dillemans (BE) Thom Puckey (GB)

Jan Van Imschoot (BE) Sofie Muller (BE) Jans Muskee (NL)

Michael Kirkham (GB) Jelle Schouppe (BE) Elisabet Stienstra (NL)

Selina de Beauclair (AT) Vadim Vosters (BE) Lucas Devriendt (BE)

Matthias Dornfeld (DE) Bram Demunter (BE) Danielle Luinge (NL)

Jan Deconynck (BE) Frans Gentils (BE) Giovanni Winne (BE)

Raad van der Sman (NL) Tinka Pittoors (BE) Katrien De Blauwer (BE)

Karl Mechnig (BE) Gauthier Hubert (BE) Dirk Van Severen (BE)

Stefan Peters (BE) Michel Vaerewijck (BE)