Curator: Koen Broeck. 

For the expo 'Stille levens', artist Koen Broucke artistically examines the many invisible and unprecedented collections in a city like Ostend, especially of beachcombers. 

Broucke went in search of the stories and lives behind these bizarre and hybrid collections. The joy with which a child collects shells or the sadness at the loss of a beloved toy or a wedding ring in the sand: the underlying emotions are contained in these objects.

As curator of the exhibition, Koen Broucke was inspired by the work 'Still life with shells, bottle of laudanum and pillbox' by Léon Spilliaert. He invited more than 40 artists to give a visual response to it. Growth and decline of collections is the thread running through the expo. The result was on show at the Venetiaanse Gaanderijen from 18 February to 21 May 2023.


Stille levens Oostende