Sofie Muller

AThOME, launched in early May 2020 on @tardino6 Instagram account, is a socially engaging online project that brings contemporary art into every person’s home. Each AThOME iteration is a compilation of protocols written by 6 contemporary local and international artists, inviting anyone at home to produce their own work of art - no budget or education needed. Anyone who follows the protocol, using simple household materials, will end up with a surprising little masterpiece. And if you make all six of them, in all the variations you like, you can then organise an authentic exhibition 'at home'. 

Artists are asked to keep in mind accessibility and simplicity when providing their instructions: all elements necessary to follow AThOME protocols are easy to obtain and include everyday objects and materials. The idea behind AThOME is to explore the ordinary, see it as a source of inspiration, to sublimate it and to become aware of its new value on two levels – individual through the act of creation and collective through the sharing of works taken as a coherent whole.

The process of exhibition making thus forms an informal digital art community. The participating public not only produces the works, but also participates in the scenography of displaying the artworks in their homes. It is a question here of carrying a real reflection on the concept of work of art but also on the principles and the forms of demonstration.

As the second part of the project, Ta(r)dino 6 will be working with its audience in executing the artist protocols.